Realtor Of The Year 2022

Posted Apr 17th, 2023 in General, Team Zold Extras

Realtor Of The Year 2022
Shawn Zigelstein was named A.E. LePage Realtor of the Year for Ontario!

Brag alert (and a long one since there is way too much to say to keep it short) …..since not everyone is out on social media, I have been told my many people that I needed to send this out to give everyone an update of what happened at the beginning of March with a wonderful honor that has been bestowed upon me.  Each and every year, Royal LePage Canada names their winner for the A.E. LePage Realtor of the Year.  Shockingly I was named the winner from the province of Ontario out of 12,000 agents for 2022.

This award is not production based – as it states on the award “This prestigious award recognizes you as the best of the best of Royal LePage sales professionals in your region. With your exceptional leadership, engagement and performance, you stand apart as a shining example of Realtor excellence”.

To say that I was overjoyed and thrilled to be named the winner is an understatement.  Every Realtor out there is always an award winner….we all have it on our cards, our signs, our marketing….but this one is different.

The reason why I have the opportunity to help other agents, the Shelter Foundation, my clients, and spend lots of time with my family, is because I have an amazing team around me each and every day.  

Nata ShapovalMarek KlodaAl DiRezzeSarah NorrisVanessa Oliveira, Sue Dykeman and Olivia Yu, you are all my rocks!!

This is what helps me do what I want to do, and helps me do it the right way!  I will boast about my awesome team here, and tell you how amazing they are – but I am sure that you know that if you have already dealt with us – and if you haven’t, you will when you get the chance to. The support that I receive from them is unparalleled, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

To be named the winner of this award with my fellow winners from across the country is the best part!  Yes, we are all eligible for the national award, but as I have told all of them, I am happy to be included in such a fine group of not only amazing realtors, but amazing people!

The support that I have received over the years from my amazing Broker Vivian Risi has always been like a mom helping out a son. During the announcement, she couldn’t even look at me as she said she would have started balling and didn’t want to ruin the surprise.  Justin Risi and Michelle Risi have become an extended family to me, and have always been available for a call, or a vent session if need be at anytime.

Royal LePage Canada has proven to me to be the BEST company in Canada! I remember when I first interviewed way back in 2003, and I just went home and said it all just feels right…..and I hit the nail on the head on that one.

Every single person involved at Royal LePage is second to none – the personalities, the connections, and now the lifelong friendships that I have built will last forever – I hope you all know how important you are to me. We have an incredible trailblazer in Phil Soper who always continues to amaze everyone by being the best leader in the industry and an inspiration for all.

This career that I have chosen is always one that can be very trying for so many families.  I have been so lucky that my family has always been there to support me, to cheer me on, and to push me forward.  My wife Elisa is my biggest supporter and Jayme and Matthew had a great message when I was named the winner…. congrats dad…. pretty original I know, but that’s text messaging these days.  At least when I got them on the phone it was a little more than two words.

That’s it for now – sorry for the super long post, but wanted to get it all out there…..blabbering excitement!


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