Tips for Spring Gardening!

Posted May 4th, 2020 in General

Tips for Spring Gardening!

5 Essential Spring Gardening Tips

The sun is shining, and the birds are singing, which means it’s time for your garden to get back in shape from the winter weather. Check out these tips to help you get your garden green and beautiful by the time the temperature rises.

1. Clean It Out: Remove all the debris and get rid of weeds – make sure you get the roots so they won’t grow back! This is a good time to sharpen your garden tools too, as they’ll be required for plant maintenance and soil care.

2. Revitalize the Soil: Your soil is likely dried out after winter, so it’s time to add moisture. Use organic material such as compost or manure and consider adding more fertilizer to increase the health of the soil and life of your plants.

3. Trim Old Plants: Plants that have survived the winter will need to be trimmed so they can grow anew in the spring. Blooming plants should be pruned right after they bloom, and summer plants should be pruned in early spring.

4. Plant New Flowers & Shrubs: Once you’ve handled all of the old plants, it’s time to turn your attention to new ones. Lean towards planting more perennials rather than annuals, as annuals have to be replaced every year. Perennials will usually survive winter frosts.

5. Add Mulch: In addition to fertilizers, 1 to 3 inches of mulch will help to prevent weeds and diseases. It also helps retain the moisture in the garden and maintains the temperature. Wood chips will give everything a clean and tidy look.

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