Don't Know What To Do This March Break?

Posted Mar 9th, 2020 in General

Don't Know What To Do This March Break?

Your Family-Friendly March Break Guide!

March Break can be slightly nerve-wracking… how are you going to keep the kids entertained all week? Here is a list of some ideas to keep everyone busy and happy, without breaking the bank!

Visit a Museum, Zoo, or Science Centre: These places offer the perfect mix of learning and fun, so your kids will always be entertained. There are often exciting live shows and special activities held during spring break to keep kids busy – check out what’s going on near you!

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt: Spending the day at home doesn’t have to be boring! Set the kids loose and have them search for various items on their scavenger list. Be sure to have a prize for the winner and prizes for all other players too.

Go Camping In Your Living Room: Put the tent up in your living room! After a simple dinner, treat the kids (and yourself) to s’mores for dessert. Everyone can sleep on the floor in sleeping bags and share ghost stories before bed.

Go Skating: Indoor or outdoor – it doesn’t matter! Wear layers and pad the kids with snow pants and helmets. Hot chocolate is always a delicious treat for the end.

Have a Spa Day: Arrange the bathroom or bedroom like a spa, take out your moisturizers, nail polish, and makeup – and go crazy! Pamper the kids and yourself at the same time!

We hope you have a fun break!

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