Planning a Successful Home Remodel!

Posted Nov 5th, 2019 in General

Planning a Successful Home Remodel!

Tips for Planning a Successful Home Remodel

With so many aspects and details to consider, home renovations can be overwhelming - especially if this is your first one. Use these tips to help you build a project plan that will not only keep your stress levels low, but ensure you stay on budget and schedule.

1. Have a Budget: Knowing your budget, and sticking to it, avoids any unwanted surprises at the end. You’ll need to take into account the costs of materials, labour, and any additional cosmetic touches. This will show you exactly which projects you can take on and what should be prioritized.

2. Get Multiple Quotes: If you’re hiring professionals to do the job, it’s wise to interview and receive quotes from several contractors. This will provide you with a variety of opinions as to how the job can best be done and what price it costs. Several quotes ensure you’re making an informed hiring decision, as you can select the contractor who best fits your vision and budget.

3. Know Your End Goal: Are you looking to freshen up the look of your space? Are you renovating to increase the resale value of your home? Before picking up a hammer, ensure you have a clear end goal for your home so you can determine how extensively you should renovate. Ask your trusted realtor what a good return on investment will be.

4. Be Prepared: Renovations can get messy and may cause a disruption to your family’s life. Depending on which rooms you’re tackling, you may want to declutter and move items in the renovation zone to make the remodel as simple as possible. If you’ve hired a contractor, work with them to devise start and end times that are accommodating with your daily routine.

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