The Science of Being Grateful

Posted Oct 18th, 2019 in General

The Science of Being Grateful

A grateful heart lifts your own spirits and the spirits of those around you. When you commit to an attitude of gratitude, you foster more meaningful relationships with the ones you care about — yourself included.

We know that practicing gratitude has a powerful impact on others, but did you know it can impact you too? Here is some science on the side.  There are three simple ways to express gratitude each day, and how each one has been proven to increase your well-being. We also suggest a few apps you can use to track your happiness, so you can see how your emotional state changes when you commit to a grateful heart!

With so much giving in the air this time of year, take a few moments to reflect on your own practice of gratitude. Remember, we are grateful for you and if there’s anything we can do to be of service during this busy time of year, give us a call!


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