Searching For The Perfect Agent?

Posted Sep 18th, 2019 in General

Searching For The Perfect Agent?

How to Select the Perfect Real Estate Agent 

With so many real estate agents working in your area, selecting one to assist you in buying or selling can be quite overwhelming. Each agent carries their own set of unique skills and has differing personality traits. The following four steps to selecting a real estate agent will help you find the agent that is best for you!  
1. Do Background Research: The first step to narrowing down your options is to seek out referrals from family and friends. If they had a positive experience with an agent, they may be a good choice for you too. In addition, the web is a great place to do your own research regarding agents. You can find a wealth of information about an agent, their expertise of work, and their mission statement – and if they would be a good fit for you! 
2. Ask the Agent Questions: The responsibility of an agent is to serve you, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them. It is beneficial to meet with any potential agent in person prior to visiting homes together. This allows you to ask questions, learn about their experience, skills, and strategies. This information is critical in helping you select the most appropriate real estate agent. 
3. Attend Open Houses: By going to open houses, you have the opportunity to meet agents in a work environment and interact with them. Use this time to collect business cards and make notes about the agents you meet. Consider if they are polite, informative, knowledgeable, professional – are these traits you value in who you hire? 
4. Your Intuition and Feelings: Although the facts are always important to keep in mind, don’t forget to consider your own feelings and thoughts about the person. Purchasing or selling a home is a major decision and requires constant interaction with your agent, and therefore you want to be working alongside someone who you get along with and feel comfortable around. 

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