How to Keep a Clean Home!

Posted Jul 9th, 2019 in General

How to Keep a Clean Home!

How to Have a Clean Home Over Summer Break 

Now that school is out and the kids are spending more time at home, it’s likely that there will be quite a lot more mess. Try out these simple tips if you’re struggling to keep your space clean while the kids are home. 
1. Assign 3 Tasks: Allocate 3 simple tasks to each person to be completed on a daily basis. With such a short list of chores, they’re easy to remember and will give everyone a sense of responsibility. The tasks don’t have to be complicated – making your bed and putting away clothes can be done quickly and instantly makes the space feel clean!  
2. Eat Outside: Take advantage of the warm weather by enjoying meals outside. Popsicles and ice-cream are staples of a summer diet but can leave a sticky mess. Have meals in your backyard or at a nearby park to keep the food mess out of your home.   
3. Get the Kids Involved: Cleaning gets done faster, and is also more enjoyable, when others are there to help you out. Give your kids a duster or spray bottle and have them clean their rooms along with you. Make it a weekly activity!

Happy cleaning! 

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