Iceland Trip - Recap

Posted Aug 14th, 2017 in General, Team Zold Print, Team Zold Extras

Officially done!! My 100km hike across Iceland is now complete, and now I begin the reflection of this remarkable experience to benefit the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation and shelters for Women and Children across Canada. I've been so lucky during this last week to meet, hike, live with and survive with a great group of agents from across Canada who put their fears aside and while tears were shed - we all got through it together! We are now family and will have this experience shared with each other that we will remember forever.

To all of those who donated and sponsored this great cause, thank you so much!!! The money raised from you will benefit the Yellow Brick House which is our local shelter that needs every penny.

When I started this journey by signing up a year ago I had no clue what to expect, how to train, and how I was actually going to disconnect from the world and live in a tent! This has been the most difficult and exhilarating challenge that I've ever completed and feel fantastic with the final results. This has not only changed my life from the hike itself, but also with my philosophy about working even harder and pushing myself to the limits that only the mind has control over. Anything is possible, and when we put out mind to something, amazing things will happen.

Almost 50 lbs have been shed since I started to really train for this challenge - the mind has been so key in getting me to this point of challenging myself to get in shape, and be strong enough to get through this. It worked! Without getting to this point I have no idea if I would have even been able to get through it it.

I will post more and more pics as I go through them, but they really don't tell the story, the terrain, the snow, the wind, the sand and the exhaustion cannot be shown on these pics - they are some great shots of a great country and hope you all get a chance to get here one day and see what Iceland has to offer.

What's the next challenge? We'll have to see!

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